Olga Syahputra Died

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3 years ago

Olga Syahputra, Indonesian comedian and presenter was reportedly died in Singapore on 27 March 2015 from meningitis. He was 32 years old.



Syahputra was seen in numerous Indonesian TV programs, especially during Ramadhan festival every year. As a youth, he was just a fan who often asked for autographs and photographs of his idols. He was fortunate to be offered a role in the movie Lenong Bocah. His role required him to take advanced training in Padang-Java [clarification needed] at theSanggar Ananda owned by Aditya Gumay. Without money, Olga sold a refrigerator to pay for classes. A friend, Bertrand Antolin, later purchased a new refrigerator for him.[1]

Perseverance finally paid off when he began to get roles in the soap operas, including Kawin Gantung and Si Yoyo. He then became a presenter for Ngidam on SCTV paired withJeremy Thomas. Olga appeared in Jangan Cium Gue, followed by Extravaganza ABG in 2005. By this time, Olga was becoming well known in Indonesia. His breakout year was 2007 when he appeared with Indra Bekti and Indy Barends at the Ceriwis awards show on Trans TV.[2]

In 2008, Olga became a TV presenter of music events on Dahsyat, a morning shown on RCTI. His co-presenter since March 2011 has been Jessica Iskandar.[3] Olga won the award for Favorite presenter Music/Variety Show and Favorite Comedian in Panasonic Awards 2009 and Panasonic Awards 2010 published in RCTIMNCTV, and Global TV. Aside from being a presenter, he also starred in such movies as Skandal Cinta Babi Ngepet and Mau Lagi (released as Cintaku Selamanya').

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